Discover obsolete forms of communication - from a 100 years ago or more! Learn about charming Victorian customs that used flowers and fans to convey sentiments that were deemed "unacceptable" in society, or as a way to express good tidings or regrets. See beautiful antique calling cards, fans, autograph books, and more! 

"Victorian secrets"

Wendy Batchelder

Historical Interpreter



Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan 

        "Lost Arts"...bringing history to life

 See first hand, what it took to dress and live as a Victorian woman. This interactive 90 minute program will entertain and enlighten guests of all ages! It's an fascinating peek at the daily routine of a Victorian Lady. Suitable for anyone who is interested in fashion and history! Perfect for a ladies group, special tea, or any occasion where a unique and fascinating program is desired. 


​"Victorian Lady"

About "Lost Arts"...


 My name is Wendy Batchelder - I am a historical interpreter from Grand Rapids Michigan. Working at a large Museum for many years, I discovered that there are many people who crave more information on what is was really like to dress and live as a Victorian woman. I created "Lost Arts" as a way to bring history to life for people, by demonstrating exactly what it took to dress over a 100 years ago. Young people and guests of all ages seem as interested as I am in this subject! I am delighted to present this unique program all over the area. 

 When I hear the words "fascinating", "delightful", and "interesting", after one of my programs - I know I've accomplished what I set out to do. 

 As a costumed interpreter, I find that presenting history in costume is an undervalued teaching tool. 

 Let's put a "face" on history! Let's give it a voice! 

 I desire for each guest to take away a new appreciation for the past, and a desire to learn more!