"Lost Arts" was created to fill a need...a need that people should know that history can be exciting! As a costumed interpreter, I find that presenting history in costume is an undervalued teaching tool.

 Let me put a "face" on history! 

Inspiring kids and adults alike with authentic fashion, artifacts they can see and feel, cool crafts and interesting characters that will make history come alive.

About Lost Arts

Making it Real...

Unique programs

All "Lost Arts" programs, camps and classes involve hands-on learning. Whether guests are witnessing the laborious process of a lady dressing in 1895 fashion, or it's a senior citizen learning how to communicate with a feather fan - each program or camp allows guests and campers the opportunity to touch and feel real antique artifacts. Kitchen gadgets, beautiful dresses, shoes, tools, old-fashioned toys, calling cards, books, underpinnings, jewelry, and so much more! 


 See and learn about what it took to live as a Victorian Woman. Discover the "secret" language of Flowers or Fans ~ or meet a Medieval Queen, Betsy Ross or Amelia Earhart! Learn to set a tea table, draw a fantastic face, hand-sew a project, or decorate a beautiful cake. Earn a Scout Badge, or find out what it was like to live as a child in the past. 

 Make your next event the most unforgettable one of the year with a unique presentation from "Lost Arts"! 

        "Lost Arts"...bringing history to life

Wendy Batchelder

Historical Interpreter, Costumer, Teacher

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan